Kevin Smith performs DVD commentary live and in person at bachelor party

San Jose, CA – On Friday night, Kevin Smith performed the entire DVD commentary of his 1999 film Dogma at the bachelor party of San Jose resident, Brian White. The director sat on the right side of the couch and gave his thoughts directly based on what was happening on-screen while party-goers watched the 130 minute film.

The live performance was organized and paid for by White’s older brother, Sam who contacted Kevin Smith through his myspace profile. Initially, White requested that the 39 year-old director conduct a one-hour Q&A session but after negotiations, White could only afford the exclusive Kevin Smith Pre-2000 movie commentary package – on sale for the month of June.

The crowd politely clapped during the opening credits and appreciated the director’s initial candor about the plot, cast, views on religion and faith. However, the crowd became more quiet throughout the first act. By the second act, the party-goers were politely listening and nodding to the director.

Smith took a 10 minute break at one point and while he sat quietly on the couch, the crowd pity-laughed through most of Rufus’ joke about knowing Jesus, and claims that he still owed him twelve dollars. Robert Taylor, a friend of White’s began fake  coughing and left the room to get a drink of water. He missed the entire scene at the the strip club and walked back into the room the moment it had ended.

Smith spoke at length about the controversy surrounding the film’s satire of the Catholic Church. Smith read each of the three death threats he received during the release of the film. One of the party-goers missed the entire presentation. White’s coworker, Quintin Marcello left the commentary 15 minutes earlier to check his email in White’s bedroom. He returned while Kevin Smith was describing his early personal crisis about God.


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