Part Two: Meaning of “Louie”, Episode 1: The Date Scene

This is part two of “Meaning of Louie Episode 1”,  the date scene, in which Louie describes the gradual end of his marriage and difficulty maintaining a relationship.  In part one, The Bus Scene, Louie describes the stress of parenting and describes his unique approach to raising his daughters.

Scene: Louie is going on a date. He arrives at her apartment ready for an evening out.

What it means:  Louie desires a relationship but the women in Louie’s life expect him to have a real plan. Louie has no plans, only ideas about his next move in life.

Scene: As Louie waits for his date, an elderly neighbor who heard Louie screaming, opens her door. She demands that he stop screaming in the apartment hallway.  She is nude and hearing a man scream nearby makes her feel vulnerable.

What it means: Eventually Louie’s female date, along with all his future partners, will become old ladies.  Physical beauty is fleeting. The elderly woman gives Louie a preview of what will happen to his date’s body. At first this old woman’s odd coquettish behavior empowers Louie. But as he looks at this old lady’s body, he feels vulnerable. He is being judged by her. This is his fear that women are repulsed by his advances. This is why the old lady call him “pig” in different voices. Each voice represents a different woman that would reject Louie.

Scene: Louie’s date finally appears and two leave for a night out. The couple rides the subway to their destination. There is no chemistry between the two. Louie’s awkwardness begins to annoy his date. 

What it means: The two represent a married couple riding through life together. Boredom can seep into any marriage. She is bored with the way Louie looks exactly the same similar to how a wife may become bored with her husband looks. She is dissatisfied but there is nothing Louie can do. He can’t stop smiling in the same way because that’s the way he looks.

Scene: Louie offers some ideas for the night but is date isn’t satisfied with his decisions.

What it means: Louie’s partner or wife isn’t satisfied with the life he built. She wants more. She is hungry for something better than life in the village.

Scene: The couple arrives at the restaurant. The line is out the door – it would take hours to get a table. She decides to ditch the line and grab some pizza slices. The two talk about Louie’s daughters.

What it means: Louie’s entire life is about his children. This woman, however, can only appreciate Louie’s children on a superficial level. She doesn’t want to know the real details; nor does she have the same emotional connection to his daughters. Louie will always have this barrier between him and any future partner.

Scene: After dinner the two take a walk to the waterfront. Louie is still struggling to make conversation and his date is fully annoyed.

What it means: Louie understands the absurdity of courtship. But he can’t help but be attracted to women. These desires won’t lead him to happiness. His daughters give his life purpose but he must accept life without adult companionship, left alone in the world wearing a suit made for a funeral.


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